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artstream: Sounds from Near and Far (world premiere)
curated by Chris Byrne + Colin Fallows
locally: Radio France International Sofia at 103.6FM

Sounds from Near and Far is the first manifestation of artstream – an experimental space on the New Media Scotland web site dedicated to artists’ use of streaming media.

artstream: Sounds from Near and Far is an innovative, two channel sound event which can be experienced both locally in Sofia and globally through the Internet during the DIGITAL WEEKEND. The pieces are informed by the notion of the translocal: travel, crossing borders, migration, sounds of different cultures and environments.

Channel One: Open Source
Chris has curated a special selection of recorded soundworks from an open submission to New Media Scotland, Edinburgh. Each of the pieces causes us to reflect upon cultural and geographical diversity.

Artists include Diskono, Chantal Dumas, Zoe Irvine, Alistair MacDonald, Lloyd Dunn+Ralph Johnson, Sue Mark, Paul Rooney, Janek Schaefer, Calum Stirling, Mark Vernon and others.

Channel Two: Feedback
Colin has assembled a selection of soundworks by artists associated with Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University. The pieces have been recorded in a variety of locations, with their own special spatial ambience.

Artists include John Campbell, Vanessa Cuthbert, Max Eastley, Colin Fallows, Martin e Greil, Russell Mills, Philip Mouldycliff, Robin Rimbaud, [pls. Take out Scanner], Will Sergeant, Vergil Sharkya’, Paul Simpson and John Young.

Chris Byrne (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Chris is the Director of New Media Scotland, Edinburgh. Recently, he has produced and toured artists' commissions in new media across Scotland and internationally including works by Claude Closky, Beverley Hood, *Candy Factory, Alistair Gentry, Anne Bevan, Torsten Lauschmann, Lindsay Perth, Catriona Grant and others. Since the early 1990s Chris has engaged with digital and moving image culture as an artist, producer, arts manager and educator. More details at

Colin Fallows (Liverpool, England)
Colin is Professor of Sound and Visual Arts at Liverpool John Moores University. He has explored crossovers between sound and the visual arts as an artist, researcher, curator and lecturer. Colin has produced work for live ensemble performance, recordings, exhibition, installation, radio and the Internet. His artistic and curatorial projects have featured in numerous international festivals including Video Positive, ISEA98, Intermedia and Ars Electronica.


Ventzislav Zankov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Digital Culture:Uninstall

A timely critique of the new lifestyles and standards of living advanced by the advocates of digital culture from both global and local perspective. Ventzislav will also explore the implications of desktop living through an analysis of current artistic interventions in the Bulgarian public space including the works “Uninstall” by Oleg Mavromati and “Freeze Motherfucker” by Ioan Kirilov. Read more…

A graduate of Bulgaria’s National Academy of Arts, currently Ventzislav is an Adjunct Lecturer at New Bulgarian University, Sofia. A leading figure in Bulgarian Internet art practices, he helped set up InterSpace Media Art Center, Sofia. Ventzislav has established and developed various media art projects, including Zet_maG – a cross between an e-zine, audioarchive and webTV and ELEKTRIK_BG – mailing list for Bulgarian digital culture. More details at

John Byrne (Liverpool, England)
Apocalypse Then: Blurring the Boundaries in Digital Culture

A cultural analysis which will identify and question some of the current shifts taking place within artists' practice. John will look back at the classic film 'Shape of Things to Come' (1932) in terms of artists using digital media to cross and blur boundaries between the borders of previously distinct disciplines and geographical areas. Read more…

John is a Senior Lecturer at the Liverpool School of Art and Design and a writer-in-residence for the Crossing Over Micro-festival of Digital Film Culture. John has also published widely on issues of art, culture and telecommunications. He is currently writing a book on the relationship between art, technology and reproduction in the twentieth century.


Anne Bevan (Edinburgh, Scotland)
After studying fine art and sculpture at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art, where she is currently a researcher, Anne went on to exhibit mixed and new media works across Scotland and internationally. She excavates the often invisible, yet mundane structures, exposing spaces, systems, routes and movements normally ignored by us, but which are fundamental to the everyday environment we inhabit.

Luchezar Boyadjiev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Luchezar studied Art and Art History at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. He is an established artist whose diverse media installations reflect his contextual and ironic attitude to both reality and art. Lately, he has exhibited at the Migros Museum in Zurich, Switzerland; the Tirana Biennial, Albania and as part of ‘Lautre Moitie de l’Europe’, Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris.

Gina Czarnecki (Dundee, Scotland)
Gina studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art, London and Electronic Imaging, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, where she is now Course Director of MSc Electronic Imaging. She has shown her artistic and curatorial work internationally. Her practice covers film, digital photography, single screen and video installation. Her interest is in the human condition. A Creative Scotland Award in 2002 has enabled her to continue her collaboration with geneticists and programmers in producing and touring her work Silvers Alter.

Galina Dimitrova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Galina is a Curator and Project Coordinator at InterSpace Media Art Centre, Sofia. A recent graduate in Theory and History of Arts from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, she has published on issues of contemporary art in a range of Bulgarian cultural journals. Since 2000 Galina has been the Deputy Editor of CULT.BG server for art and culture. Her curatorial projects include Urban Cycles, Net User, Macrovideo, Schizoid Architecture and others.

Boyan Dobrev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Boyan is a Senior Lecturer at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, where in 1999 he established the Multimedia Department. As a Fulbrigtht visiting researcher at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1997/98, Boyan explored issues of art theory and art education. Currently, he is working on his PhD thesis "The Grammar of Art", to be published later in 2002. Boyan’s own practice as an exhibiting digital artist has been recognised both in Bulgaria and internationally.

Arjon Dunnewind (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Arjon is the Artistic Director of the Impakt Festival, which he established in 1988. Over the years Impakt has evolved to one of the most influential annual festivals for innovative audio and visual arts in the Netherlands. Additionally, Arjon has curated programmes for the Dutch Film Festival, Castello di Rivoli, Italy and the Museo de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires in Argentina. He is also responsible for the series of events and the magazines on video art – KabelKunst and Vizir.

Nicky Gogan (Dublin, Ireland)
In 1993 Nicky graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and later on studied electronic arts in New York. Currently, she is the Co-director (together with Susan Patterson) of the Darklight Digital Film Festival, which takes place in Dublin annually. Nicky is also a co-director of Sink Digital Media, a Dublin based new media production company. Previously she has worked at Arthouse, Dublin and ever since remained committed to fostering the innovative and creative use of digital technologies.

Susanne Jaschko (Berlin, Gemany)
Currently, Susanne is a Deputy Director of transmediale, the international media art festival held annually in Berlin. She holds a PhD in Art History from Aachen University. Her curatorial practice is focussed on issues of contemporary art, including interactive art, installation and digital moving image.

Alain Kessi (Sofia, Bulgaria and Zurich, Switzerland)
Alain is a programmer, journalist, media activist and theorist. He has published numerous articles on globalization and its discontents; civil society and non-government organizations; migration and migrant politics; the wars in Yugoslavia and the economic and social transitions in East European countries. Since 1997 he has participated in a number of projects combining arts and politics such as Inner City Action Weeks, The Future State of Balkania. Communication Front 2001, All Museums Are Virtual, make-world festival, Understanding the Balkans and others.

Dimitrina Sevova (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Dimitrina studied painting at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia and emerged as a practising media artist, activist, theorist and curator who works across traditional and new media. She was one of the founders and curators of the TED Gallery for contemporary and media art and more recently the Communication Front project of media art and theory ( She has participated in numerous projects including The Future State of Balkania, Crossing Over, Virtual Revolutions 2.0, In Someone Else’s Skin (, Never Look Back, Computer Space 2000, All Museums Are Virtual, make-world festival and Understanding the Balkans.

Zornitsa Sophia (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Zornitsa Sophia studied at the American University, Washington DC, USA and National Academy of Arts, Sofia. In her practice she employs video, installation, performance, public intervention, graphic design and painting. Her work is an inquiry into the intersection of daily life, science and art. Recent projects include This Game Has No Name, Celebrating the Reproduction, Anti Feminism/Machismo, Close to the Body, After the Prison. Further details on


A New Media Scotland touring programme curated by Iliyana Nedkova. Desktop Icons is an exciting collection of short digital films and videos by Scottish and international artists, exploring the cross over of popular culture, media and new creative technologies. The programme explores moving image culture authored and designed on (and sometimes for) people's desktops. In their works artists conceive new visual styles and stretch the boundaries of what was once known as cinematic reality. Read more…

Artists include Chris Cunningham (England), Kristin Lucas (USA), Michael Maziere (England), Matt Hulse (Scotland), Phil Collins (N.Ireland), Mark Wallace (Scotland), Richard Fenwick (England), Beagles+Ramsay (Scotland), Linda Wallace (Australia), Mike Stubbs (Scotland), COM&COM (Switzerland), Simon Ellis (England), Torsten Lauschmann (Scotland) and many others from South Korea, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Japan and Sweden.

A New Media Scotland programme of specially commissioned digital video shorts produced by Chris Byrne. A stimulating collection of short digital videos by 5 Scottish artists, examining the impact of new creative technologies on our shifting notions of geography, place and identity. Read more…

Artists include Mandy McIntosh, Torsten Lauschmann, Chris Bowman and Trevor Avery/Nigel Mullan.

Mike' s widely exhibited artistic work encompasses film, video, mixed media installations and performance. Most recent productions include Resistor, River, Donut and Zero. He has won more than a dozen major international awards including first prizes at Oberhausen and Graz (Homing 1995), Osnabruk (Gift, 1996) and Locarno (Sweatlodge, 1992) and in 1999 was invited to present a video retrospective at the Tate Gallery, London. Trained at Cardiff Art College and the Royal College of Art, London Mike is currently Senior Research Resident at Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design, Dundee. Prior to this, he was the Director of Hull Time Based Arts, where he set up Time Base and developed Centre for Time Based Arts, AVIDLAB and EMARE (European Media Arts Residency Exchange). He also launched the ROOT Festival, Hull. Read more…

IN FOCUS: MIKE STUBBS highlights films from 1992 till 2001 including Zero, Sweatlodge, Homing, Youth Action and Gift.

A touring program, curated by Arjon Dunnewind which features the highlights of Impakt Festival 2001, Utrecht, the Netherlands. It includes works of rising stars in the worlds of fine arts and film, and prize-winning artists such as Annika Larsson and Miranda July. The program combines aesthetic visualizations of the human condition, investigations in innovative narration, Freud, family life and subversions of mass media. Read more…

Artists include Salla Tykk? (Finland), Annika Larsson (Sweden), Miranda July (USA), Sebastian Diaz Morales (The Netherlands), John Davis (USA), Guillaume Graux (Belgium), Ann Course+Paul Clark (UK) and Bryan Boyce (USA).

THE BEST OF transmediale.02
A touring programme, curated by Susanne Jaschko, showing a wide range of topics, styles and forms of digital production. The programme features the most outstanding and innovative video contributions from the transmediale02 Festival, including Pool_2 by Harald Holba, the winner of the transmediale.02 Image Award; followed by the honorary mentions in the same category – 4vertigo by Les LeVeque and Les Doubres by Laurent Vicente+Thomas Bernardet. Read more…

Artists include Matt Hulse (Scotland), Harald Holba (Austria), Les LeVeque (USA), Laurent Vicente+Thomas Bernardet (France), Anita Sarosi (Hungary), David Leister+Guy Moss (UK), Fan Yuk Man (Hong Kong) and others.

A New Media Scotland touring programme selected by Chris Byrne. An insightful pick and mix of experimental artists’ work, commissioned between 1996-2001 for the Annual Crossing Over Micro-festival of Digital Film Culture, co-curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Nina Czegledy. Since its inception in 1996 Crossing Over has produced and premiered 47 new digital shorts. The post-Cold War dream of transformation and the cross-cultural metaphor of the journey are the themes recurrent in each of the Crossing Over shorts. Read more…

Artists include Mare Tralla (Estonia), Phil Collins (N. Ireland), Krassimir Terziev (Bulgaria), Antal Bodoczky (Hungary), Baza (Yugoslavia), Mary-Avril Gillan (Ireland), Tsvetelina Gancheva (Bulgaria), Levente Sipos, (Hungary), Chris Speed (England), Paul Rooney (Scotland), Boryana Dragoeva (Bulgaria), Mike Kash (USA), Lala Rascic (Croatia) and others.

A touring programme of the Darklight Digital Film Festival – the annual Dublin event showcasing innovative films in various categories demonstrating the creative potential of digital technologies. Flight is a cross-section from the festival archive featuring work from Irish, English and American artists. These reflective works address the themes of flying, travelling, death, and the passing of time. The sound tracks are particularly important for most of the films which are often produced as collaborations between film-makers and musicians. Further details at Read more…

Artists include Desperate Optimists, James Davis, Richard Fenwick, David Phillips+Paul Rowley, David Philips+Paul Rowley, Cormac Figgis, Romick Delimata, Alan Lambert+Eamonn Doyle+D1 Recordings, David Phillips+Paul Rowley and Amon Tobin+Ninja Tunes